Decorating Your Home with Stone: Ideas for Using Stone For a Façade.

Stone is a beautiful material that can help to beautify your home. It has the ability to improve curb appeal and make your home more inviting. Stone also comes in many colors, so you can choose which color best fits the interior of your home or makes for an attractive exterior façade. In this blog post, I will give you 10 ideas for using stone on the exterior of your home and share some tips about where you should place it as well as how to choose the right color!

Following list of uses for stone in your exterior:

  • Stone can be used as a veneer applied to an existing brick or wood structure. The edge of the stones should correspond with the joints between bricks, and mortar is used to fill in around them. 
  • The surface of some types of stone like granite are naturally textured so you may not need any kind of finish on it at all! If there’s a particular color scheme that you want, however, then sealing will help maintain that appearance once installed. 
  • You can also use different textures together to create visual interest by alternating smooth surfaces with rough ones; this is often done when installing marble facing onto concrete blocks. This creates contrast without sacrificing durability.
  • Stone can also be used for concrete and stucco applications, such as a one-way veneer to cover the surface of the exterior wall or foundation below; this is typically done with lighter colored stones like limestone because it reduces solar heat gain in summer months. This type of application is not often seen anymore but still has its benefits! In colder climates, frost heave (the fact that freezing water expands) could cause problems if stone isn’t installed correctly so bear that in mind when thinking about what option you want to use.
  • Many people choose to have natural stone floors inside their home rather than carpeting them over with other materials like tile or linoleum which will wear out more quickly.

Random Sericite

Random Sericite is a type of biotite mica which often occurs alongside graphitic sericite in metamorphic rocks. Over time the two minerals may develop along distinct joints or they may be found mixed together. These minerals together are softer and less resistant to weathering than the individual minerals, so when considering their use as an exterior finish it is important that any curing and outdoor applications are sealed to protect from erosion. Random Sericite also typically ranges in color from pink, to gray, brown or dark black; depending on what other minerals it contains.

See Brown Gneiss

How to choose the color of the stone for the facade?

One of the most important things when choosing a color is to make sure that it complements your home or the other colors in the surrounding area. If you want something light, consider using limestone or marble. If you need something darker, choose granite or slate.