Brick Garden Walls: How Often to Clean Them

Brick garden walls are a beautiful addition to any property. They add character and charm to the landscape, but they can also be a pain to clean. 

What kind of brick wall does your property have?

Brick walls come in many varieties and you may need a different cleaning schedule depending on the material they’re made from, or how well taken care of they are. Some people like using concrete for their bricks as it’s easy to clean by just hosing down with water when necessary. This doesn’t require any other maintenance as it will not get dirty unless something spills onto it–so if that happens then simply scrub away at what has spilled before moving back inside! It also means that these types of walls don’t need to be washed as often.

How well does your soil drain? If the ground around your bricks is not draining properly then it’s more likely that you’ll have an issue with mold and mildew build up on them. This will require a lot of scrubbing from you, but can also make for some great compost if done right! Just never use chemical cleaners to wash away dirt because this will eventually wear down the brick permanently–even when using soap that says “safe” on the bottle or container. Look into natural alternatives like vinegar which has been used by many homeowners in place of commercial cleaning products before they start seeing issues with their outdoor structures later on due to neglecting to clean regularly.

How often should you do it?

How to clean brick wall?

Brick garden walls should be washed down every two years to keep them looking their best. If you have a well-maintained brick wall, then once or twice a year will suffice. This is an important step in maintaining any kind of outside building as it can protect the structure from water damage and other problems that result from dirt build up.

First, start by checking your pressure washer’s manual for instructions on how often to use it before using it outdoors. Second, turn off all power sources near the area where you’re going to wash the bricks. Start by applying soap liberally onto the surface with your brush attachment and rinse thoroughly when finished scrubbing away grime! And finally, make sure there are no kids or pets in the area before you begin!

What to do with all that dirt and grime: Once your bricks have been washed, it’s important to get rid of the excess water. Use a wet/dry vacuum if available, but at least use an absorbent towel for best results. Make sure there is no standing water left behind on any surface after cleaning your brick walls because this can cause mold growth which will eventually destroy them completely!

Those are some tips for how often should you clean your brick garden wall–or anyone else’s outdoor surfaces as well—to make sure they stay looking good! Let these suggestions be helpful when deciding what days are best for getting this job done so that everything stays fresh and new-looking.